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who dis?

Jacob Talbot is a multidisciplinary artist, manipulating analogue and digital photography, extending into fine art based multi-media pieces. His work encompasses a range of photographic genres exploring both the physical and metaphysical aspects of an image. Alongside and within his photographic practise, Jacob Talbot also utilises the benefits of sculpture to allow, but not restricted to, the objectification of the material image. As a recent 1st Class Honours Graduate of BA Photography (Leeds Arts University 2021), Talbot’s Artistic career has quickly gained the attention of collectors and curators internationally.


As seen in his successful debut solo exhibition, ‘An Isolated State’, funded by Leeds Inspired, Talbot utilises interactive installation as a means to challenge the boundaries between the two mediums and engage a new audience.


During the lead up to his debut solo show ‘An Isolated State’ Talbot was awarded ‘The Signature Art Prize’. 


Since then he has gone on to commercially exhibit and sell photography and sculpture throughout art fairs in the UK, Europe, America and Asia; building up a strong client base and collectors alike.


His conceptual work has also been exhibited in multiple group exhibitions in London and Leeds, as well as having work selected for a large scale banner at Rotterdam Photo Festival. Most recently his work was part of a contemporary photographic exhibition in Seoul, South Korea.


Since 2021 Talbot has also been the Head Curator for BANG Galleries, a new branch of the long established and well respected Linda Blackstone Gallery, helping to showcase contemporary emerging artists in a highly competitive commercial setting.

Awards, Exhibitions, Publications


The Signature Art Prize, Winner - 

    Photography and Film Category,                                    Sep 2021

    Bankside Hotel London, UK                


D31 Art Prize, Shortlist

                                                                                          July 2022




‘TRX’ Group show,

    BeaverWorks, Leeds, UK                                               May 2021

    Summer Group Exhibition


‘Left Bank Shows…’

    Foyer Gallery, Left Bank Leeds, UK                                June 2021

    Summer Edition (Small commercial group show)


‘CreArtives - Our Staff’,

    CreArtives, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, UK                           July - Aug 2021    

    Group exhibition of Teaching Staff


‘Print it!’

    Aire Place Studios, Leeds, UK                                        Sep 2021

    Photography Group Show


Affordable Art Fair - Linda Blackstone Gallery,

    Affordable Art Fair - Battersea, London, UK                    Oct 2021

    Autumn Edition (Established Commercial Group show)        


Manchester Art Fair - LBG x BANG

    Manchester Art Fair, Manchester, UK                               Nov 2021

    (Mixed Commercial Group show)


‘An Isolated State’ - Debut Solo Exhibition,     

    Assembly House, Leeds, UK                                            Dec 2021

    (Leeds Inspired & Leeds city council funded)                     


Affordable Art Fair - BANG         

    Affordable Art Fair - Battersea, London, UK                    March 2022

    Spring Edition (Emerging Commercial Group show)                


Affordable Art Fair New York - Linda Blackstone Gallery 

    Affordable Art Fair - New York, New York, USA                March 2022

    Spring Edition (Established Commercial Group show)    


‘I Know a Guy…’ Group Exhibition 

    ArtHub Studios, Deptford, London, UK                              April 2022

    Group show of Emerging Conceptual Artists


Affordable Art Fair - Linda Blackstone Gallery

    Affordable Art Fair - Hampstead, London, UK                  May 2022

    (Established Commercial Group show)


Rotterdam Photo Festival

    Rotterdam Centraal, Netherlands                                         May 2022

    Large Single Image Banner


FRESH Art Fair - Linda Blackstone Gallery

    Cheltenham Race Course, Gloucestershire, UK                June 2022

    (Established Commercial Group show)


‘Put Your Feet Up’ Group Exhibition

    Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds, UK                                      June 2022

    In Collaboration with Assembly House and HPAC


‘The Sun Is Out’ Group Exhibition

    Safehouse 1&2, Peckham, London, UK                               July 2022

    Group show of Emerging Conceptual Artists


‘8x12’ Group Exhibition

    FLOOR, Seoul, South Korea                                             Sep - Nov 2022

    Group Show Contemporary Photography 


    Online Exhibitions

UG12 Online Group Photography exhibition                    2020

TSDAP ‘Printed All Sorts’                             Jan 2021

TSDAP x Artsy, New Graduates Online group exhibition            July - Sep 2021

Source Graduates Online Exhibition                        2021


‘Anthropocene’ Self Publication,

    Photographic Book                            2019

Bulb Magazine - Front Cover

    Article on ‘BOUND64’ Project                    June 2020

Dwell Time Press

    Article on ‘BOUND64’ Project                    Nov 2020


    Magazine Feature                            2020

Artists Responding To - Issue 4

    ‘Anthropocene’ Project feature                    Nov 2020

Chromazone Magazine

    ‘Drip’ Portraits feature                         Dec 2020

‘Supporting Arts’

    Instagram feature of ‘TAKE’                        Dec 2020

The Pupil Sphere 

    Article on ‘An Isolated State’                        Nov 2021

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