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Anthropocene poem

This place we call our home

Destructed and destroyed

We create our own syndrome

Then act like we’re annoyed


Temperatures are rising

We think of in our mind

Why is it surprising

Its caused by humankind


The ice it is melting

We whisper to no one

Rather overwhelming

It vanishes tonne by tonne


Water levels rising

We see but do not say

No one compromising

Why is there such delay?


Oceans are polluted

We know but do not act

Why is this disputed

We have so much impact

LC critics review 2020

" You have shared quite an eclectic mix of work. With many different approaches and outcomes. While I understand these were submitted for individual consideration, as a reviewer I get to see the work in its entirety to better inform me of your general voice and approach. The two commonalities that most stood out to me from these photographs are themes of "relationships" and "the Self”." - LensCulture 

Waste is non-reusable

We’re covered head to toe

It is inexcusable

How can we stoop so low?


Rubbish will envelop us

We admit way too late

Issues we must discuss

Before we are checkmate


Animals are dying

We realize but do nout’

It is mystifying 

How they will be wiped out


Our air is polluted

We try to scream but choke

The truth undisputed

Why does this not provoke?


The earth it is crumbling

A dreary black and white

Everyone is mumbling

But no one stands to fight.

- Jacob Talbot

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