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a floating village that doesn't float

"These images are taken over a duration of an hour in which I attempted to capture the fragile balance of life within the fishing village of Kampong Phluk. Due to climate change this strip of the village is now rarely under water, unless there is a heavy monsoon, becoming a complete bypass by tourists. This meant that the path that I was on was not one that was walked regularly by any other westerner; most would drive through at a quick glance, either on Tuk Tuk or boat, on their way to the more touristy villages on the Tonle sap lake. 


I didn't want to just pass through ignorantly, I wanted to experience.


Not only was it the welcoming atmosphere of the locals but there was also such a pure energy to my surroundings that I felt a need to document. A need to try and portray this place as poetically as possible through my lens. A quick and naive endeavour into the complexities of living in a floating village that doesn’t float."

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